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Hares to You


Welcome to the first online Hares to You.

If you have and ideas, please let me know as any help is always welcome. This page will not be listed at all on the main ORCB webpage, so bookmark it at this point to get to it again. Evenually I will be passwording it etc to get into it. As long as there is space available on the webpage I will leave up old newsletters so you can view them when ever you like.

This issue includes the mins. of our meeting in Kamloops, things to feed your rabbit, and some christmas rabbit graphics, new club in Kamloops.

I am still working on the clubs webpage and hope to have the new one up in the beginning of the new year, if you have not sent me changes to your part of the clubs page I will just put up the old stuff. So please make sure the info there is correct.

Thanks Caroline



Our show is April 24th and 25th, judges will be Fred Roberts, Judy Paris, and Jan Coffelt. It is in the same hall, not 100% yet on who is doing conccesion. So pass the word around so people can book their holidays etc.




I am sure most of you know but thought I would share with you anyways in case, Shawn and Irene (from Kamloops) have started a club and a Yahoo group Kamloops Feather Fur . They are hoping to have a show next October. Will be nice to have another local show that is for sure. If you want infomation contact Shawn.



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of ORCB September 27/03

Meeting started at 1:55 PM in the Gold Barn at the KXA fairgrounds in Kamloops
In Attendance: Teresa Lynes, Lori McAleese, Caroline Jensen, Ginger McCurdy, Laura Conzatti & Betty Jackson (guest/new member)
Previous Minutes: Were not read aloud but here is a recap. June 03 meeting at Tracey's house. Members Lori McAleese and Tracey Grandy showed up. The terms of the previous officers were over and a General election was to be held. Lori and Tracey both took the positions of Directors by acclimation. Ginger had communicated that she would take the Sec./Treas. Position again. No other takers emerged so by acclimation Sec./treas. position was awarded to Ginger. With no other officers the club cannot exist according to ARBA regulations. There must be a President, Vice President, Sec./Treas., and three Directors-all whom must be current members of the club and ARBA concurrently. A call was sent out for more members. In response Ginger/Caroline talked to Teresa Lynes and she was okay with being Vice president. Stan Mobey was made President as he is an honorary member of the club and Ginger thought he would be a good choice. Laura Conzatti also accepted a position as a Director. Caroline said she would continue the newsletter.
Ginger motioned the minutes be accepted and Laura seconded them.

Financial Report- Ginger stated that there is approximately $600.00 in the bank account.

Committee Report-
Caroline stated that she would update the web page when time permitted. In respect to the newsletter the idea was presented that instead of mailing it out we post it on the web site. It would have to be done in word test format so it would be accessible to everyone to read. We voted on changing this and all were in favor of making the change to posting the newsletter onto the web page. It will be incorporated into the constitution to reflect this change. It was suggested that newsletters be posted in June, Sept., Dec. and Mar. Each issue should advertise all the upcoming shows for the upcoming year, as they become known.

Sec. Report-
Ginger stated there was some correspondence from pen pals in Alberta.

Old Business

Official New Officers for ORCB (2003-2004)
Pres.-Stan Mobey
Vice Pres.-Teresa Lynes
Sec./ Treas.-Ginger McCurdy
Director 1-Lori McAleese
Director 2-Tracey Grandy
Director 3-Laura Conzatti
Newsletter-Caroline Jensen

New Business

Honorary Membership- Lori discussed that Caroline Jensen be made an honorary member for all her efforts she has made for the club. This would mean she would not have to pay any fees to stay a lifetime member.
It was put to the vote and all were in favor so it carried.

Membership dues-It was discussed that we lower the annual fees paid for membership to $5.00 for the year for single and family membership with current ARBA membership and $6 for the year for single and family memberships without ARBA membership. Half-year memberships would be $2.50 for ARBA members and $3.00 for non-ARBA members. It was put to the vote and all were in favor so it carried.
Betty Jackson the guest joined the club at this point and gave Ginger her $3.00.

April 24-25, 2004 ORCB Show-
Caroline stated that the Riverside Hall in Enderby has been booked. Ginger has made arrangements to get these three rabbit judges- Jan Coffelt, Judy Paris and Fred Roberts. There will be 3 open rabbit shows and a double cavy show. There will be two rabbit shows on the Saturday and two cavy shows. The cavy shows will held consecutively one after the other. The two cavy judges will be Reed and Jan Tibbetts.

Concession-Ginger will ask Terry is she wants to do it again. As well Teresa will contact a local Girl Guides group to see if they would be interested. Another alternative would be to hire a catering truck.

Awards-We have had some trophies donated to the club that we can use. It was suggested that we give a combination of figurines and ribbons for the BOB/BOSB's. For BIS/RIS cross-stitch pictures in frames was suggested. Caroline would need to know soon if we wanted her to do this again.
It was suggested that we give out a BEST of BEST OPPOSITES. When BIS is awarded only the BOB's come back to the table. This award would be taken from all the BOSB's that were chosen.
Betty suggested some glass engraving items she makes.

Fundraising- Lori said she would contact Total Pet in Kelowna again for $350.00. Martin's feed mills will also be contacted one more time. Unifeed in Armstrong always is a good sponsor and donates 6 bags of rabbit food. Country west is also a good sponsor and always donates bags of rabbit feed as well.

More tables at the Hall: Caroline will ask the hall if any more will be available. If not maybe we could rent some more just for the show if they cannot make any more available

Trap Door at the hall-There was an incident at the last show whereby children were going in and out of the trapdoor. One girl was hurt. The entire back storage room will be off limits and the trap door will have chairs piled on it so we do not get a repeat performance. Caroline will look into what the hall offers in the way of insurance if anyone gets hurt in the hall during the show.

Entry fees-We discussed entry fees and agreed to leave it at $2.50 per entry.

Raffle-It was discussed that anyone can bring in donated items. New and or hand-crafted items will be graciously accepted. Previously it has been 3 tickets for a dollar. This is still okay.
A 50/50 draw was suggested where 50 % of all funds raised would go back to the winner. It was suggested an arms length of tickets for $10.00 by Betty. We would need people to walk around during the show and sell tickets.

Show Superintendent-Still to be announced. Rob Conzatti?

Comment Cards-Rabbit entries don't need them. Cavy entries would like them again.

Scales: It was suggested that the club buy its own scale so it could be used at the show for any of the show tables or by the registrar. It will be investigated how much one would cost. It needs to weigh in pounds and oz. And weigh from 2-25 pounds. Betty said we could use hers at the show if need be

Next Meeting
TBA. Probably Nov. /maybe on line

Meeting adjourned
3:00 PM

View our constition here.

I found this pattern a few years ago on the net, and thought I would share it with you guys. I actually made one of those big flat margerine containers, and put in a single xmas bulb and it actually worked good, I then fastened the lid of the container to the bottom of one of my nest boxes, when it wasn't cold I could still use the nest box even with the lid attached to the bottom, and when it was cold I just snapped the lid onto the container and plugged it in. The design below is way better tho.

This type of heater fits directly under the nestbox "IN" the pan below.If you have cages that don't use drop trays I bend wire hangers to hold the heater in place.Also please make sure all cords are out of the rabbits reach and where they won't get wet.My husband builds mine from any scrape lumber he has around,or you can use the 1" pine shelving from the lumber yard.You don't have to bother with a bottom board if your using it in a tray,but I line the bottom with heavy aluminum foil to reflect the heat back up.I raise Netherland Dwarfs so the frame size of mine are 8"wide,12" long,and 3"high.Size can be adjusted to fit your nestbox size.We normally buy the clamp on type utility light when there on sale and he use the the socket and cord off these.A "U" shaped groove is made in the center of one end for the cord to stick out,and a small block of wood is added to the same end to attach the socket too. Always make sure the bulb is within the 3" frame not sticking up. I use them if its going down below 40 degrees, making sure to turn it off its going to get hotter-you can cook the kits if it gets hot!!

Just doing surfing around the net and came up with this list (by far complete) of things to feed or not to feed rabbits. Alot of times you see where one says it is ok, and another says it isn't ok.

Beet Green Tops
Bok Choy
Carrots & Carrot tops
Collard Greens
Dandelion greens
Green Peppers
Mini Wheats (not frosted)
Mustard Greens
Pea Pods (the flat,edible ones)
Peppermint Leaves
Radish Tops
Rasberry Leaves
Rolled Oats
Romaine Lettuce
Wheat grass

Vegetables to be used sparingly,


Suggested Fruits sparingly, it is rich in sugar,


Foods NOT to be given to rabbits:

Sweet Potato
Bambo shoots
Lima Beans
Tea Leaves
Citrus Peels
Raw Lima,kidney,or soy beans
Whole Seeds
Dried Peas

Here are some Xmas or winter related bunny pics I thought would share with you. Doing the newsletter online makes it much easier to share these with you. If anyone has any pictures they would like to share just send them to me and will try to get them up here. If you want to save them just right click on picture and save to your computer.