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Members Page
Here you will find a list of all our members.
If you click on the rabbitry names it will take you to a page telling you more about what they raise, how to contact them, some have pictures of their rabbits, links to their homepages, etc, and other animals they may have.

Little Rascals
Caroline Jensen
Enderby BC, Canada
Breed: Netherland Dwarf, english lops

 Joseph Robinsmith

Maple Ridge BC

Raising - Flemish giants and French lops

Wood Stone Farms
Gerry & Ginger McCurdy
Chase BC, Canada
Breeds: Rex, Dutch, Jersey Woolies
 Leapin Laura's
Laura Conzatti
Winfeild BC, Canada
Breeds: Jersey Woolies
Quail Run Caviary
Lori McAleese
Kelowna BC, Canada
Breeds: American, Long hairs, Teddies
Xanadu Ranch
Shawn Phillips
Heffley Creek, BC, Canada
breeds: netherland dwarfs, polish, cavies.
 Hidden Acres Rabbitry
Cheryl Fagg
Clearwater, BC
Breeds: american fuzzy lops, min rex

Ridgewood's Rabbitry

Oyama, BC

Raising - Netherland dwarfs and Holland lops


Sorry no info available at this time

Diduck's Rabbit Factory
Amber Diduck
Kamloops, BC, Canada
breed: holland lops, american fuzzy lops, netherland dwarfs.

Jay Spring Ranch

Jennifer Cunningham, Pinantan Lake

Breeds: raising meat rabbits

Blade's Angora's

Mandy Blades,

Enderby B.C. English Angora's


Phoenix Rabbitry
Hosrt A Hauck
Courtney BC, Canada
Breeds: Flemish Giants

Stan & Marie Mobey
Sooke, BC

Californians, Belgian Hares

Grandy Mini Rex Rabbitry

Tracey Grandy, Kelowna B.C. Breeds: Mini Rex


Fun Fur Cavies

Joan, Dave, Ashley Manley

Airdrie Alberta

Breeds: texels, cornets, silkies


Guinea Pig Heaven

Jean Benson, Castor Alberta

Breeds: Americans, silkies, white crested

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